A devout and faithful “follower of the truth” has unfortunately been detained in the Spanish port of Valencia while working undercover on banking corruption allegations.

A rare radioactive isotope its believed to have been placed inside a McDonalds milkshake mix and smeared over the investigative journalists double cheeseeburger. They are currently in a clinic awaiting the outcome of tests. The British Embassy has recieved supposedly a severe note of protest. Clearly there is no more free speech or democracy in europe and votes are rigged along with elections/ Rigged by the Cabal, the criminal elite who work hand in hand with cosa nostra.

It may seem far-fetched but we know that Alexander Litvinenko was killed four years earlier in London with a rare radioactive isotope and before that Georgi Markov was killed by  Bulgarian secret service agents with the tip of a poisoned umbrella. So this really is no laughing matter. The undercover agents family have been informed.

We have known for some time thet the Authorities in America and England especially detest truth and any comment regarding 911 truth or comment upon Israel and their expansionist plans.

We wish our reporter well, who cannot be named for the obvious reasons

but we are adhering to the agents request to replay Phillip Marshall………….

They remain in our prayers, as does the vague hope of returning freedom and returning American infantry back to the USA.

transferir (44)


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