A RUSSIAN military commander has issued a shock warning as he claimed the world is just millimetres away from World War 3.

The commander – who led Russia’s powerful Black Sea Fleet between 1998 and 2002 – said a “big war” is now looming.

He urged politicians to negotiate and stop the march towards conflict – and said “we must not allow war”.

Komoyedov’s dire warning came as US President Donald Trump told Russia to “get ready” for a missile strike on Syria.

War fears have spiked over the past few days as the US looks to strike the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad following a chemical attack in Douma.

When asked if the US would strike Syria, Admiral Komoyedov said:  “The Americans, it seems to me, were completely stupefied: the world stands in millimetres from a big war, and this is serious.

“But I hope for the reason and ability of politicians to negotiate – both ours and the US. We must not allow war.”

Russian diplomats today said Moscow’s forces would defend Syria and even try to shoot down US missiles.

It was this comment which sparked the fury of Trump, who responded by blasting Russia for backing “gas killing animals”.

USS donald CookUS NAVY

US NAVY: USS Donald Cook is steaming towards Syria


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