With the world in crisis, information as to what is actually going on is highly sought after, yet not so easy to find. Whether it be the war on Syria, the recent massacre in Gaza, or the Skripal affair in the UK, the coverage provided by major news corporations is often compromised, biased, and incomplete. The role of independent media is crucial to restoring the balance and untangling the narratives we are presented with by the mainstream media.

To combat the current trend towards silencing independent critical analysis online we need your voice.

With measures being put in place to reduce our reach (such as tacit online censorship of independent media) there are a number of ways you can help us make sure that the questions we ask continue to be heard by more and more people:

  • Share our articles via social media
  • Build an internet community by discussing our articles in online groups or forums
  • Create an e-mail list of people you think could benefit from the themes we cover and send out articles of interest
  • Set up a study group or conversation group to keep the discussion going in your university, workplace or community organisation

This is the initial phase of the establishment of a network of communities and groups, further updates will follow. Through truth in media we can take steps towards dismantling the disinformation machine. We thank you for your essential support!

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact: crg.online@yahoo.com


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