Frightening headlines tell us that Americans are quickly forgetting critical histories about Nazism and the Holocaust. Meanwhile, fascism continues to flourish under Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic regime. Many of us are collectively engaged in a fight for the future, and understanding the past will be crucial to that effort.

But we will not win unless we make political education a priority, and a national effort to spread the truth of our past and present cannot be limited to classrooms or documentaries. Getting the truth out, in this political climate, will be a large-scale cultural endeavor.

When it comes to education and knowledge sharing, readers like you are on the front lines of the current culture war. Your conversations, your social media shares and the larger dialogues you help shape are pushing back against ignorance, hatred and forgetting. At Truthout, we are committed to providing you, our readers, with the history and present-day analysis you need to be an agent of truth and awareness in your communities.

It’s going to take an army of truth tellers to beat back the lies of Trumpism, but we are in this with you, and we believe the truth will prevail. To amplify these crucial efforts, we need journalism that fights back against misinformation and willful indifference.


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