(My lifetime) Strange how first the western industrial complex expended it’s efforts on the Soviets, then after 1989 turned (after Samuel Huntingdon book) to hate Muslims Arabs etc most of this policy seemingly coming from the former good guys USA, UK and France (who are now the ‘ bad guys’?). Strange that billions are spent shoring up Israel badly treated neighbours and that millions have died (mainly arabs) in neighboring states like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya weird that? And that 911 “terrorist” against all odds took down not one but two New York City towers? Weird eh and all planned from a cave with Arabic hijackers that the FBI had ” been watching ” for over 18 months since their arrival from the Middle East. Very fiendish what ? And then the USA took over some gold, oilfields and opium poppy heroine traffic? But just for safekeeping you know.


Thank God for British “humanitarian intervention” bombing the shit out of Syria and supplying abundant arms to kill Yemen children with.Thank god for our thoughtful compassionate Prime minister in London.Strange how none of these “interventions” ever happen say in Peru, Carcacas , Burma or the Congo? The expensive ones I mean.


Any layman or commoner might be left to conclude that the West is answering to International Jews  or some Jewish plot, so much killing done (for Israel) and time and money and troops (mainly american) lost over supporting that Rothschilds founded jewish country? But we mustn’t mention “the jews” or “international jewry” must we, even if it all turns out to be true? Cos we ‘breaking community standards’ with our Nazifield ‘anti semetic ‘ behaviour.We are all “closet Nazis” according to them you see.Wever are just awaiting the moment when we can sew yellow stars on and reopen “the camps”.It’s obvious that’s what we want to do isn’t it? Meanwhile people starve in Yemen and Venezuela nobody bats an eyelid (well their not jews are they?)

So like in a fairground or theme park just shut your eyes, like witnessing a fight in the street just turn your head, hurry past (don’t for gods sake get involved or say something) hurry on by for thee is nothing to see here.



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