Ships from Russia’s Pacific fleet have been holding live-fire drills in the Sea of Japan, according to video released by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Antisubmarine ships Admiral Tributs and Admiral Vinogradov along with the guided missile cruiser Varyag took part in the exercises, as reported by ministry.

A tactical task force also conducted an exercise simulating submarine-hunting, which involved launching torpedoes and antisubmarine rockets.


The exercises of the Russian Pacific fleet began on April 20, with up to 30 battle ships and service vessels as well as 20 navy jets and helicopters taking part.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Russian Pacific Fleet 2nd Captain Rank Nikolai Voskresensky said on Tuesday that Varyag had conducted a combat training exercise to practice launching cruise missiles.


“Today, the Pacific Fleet flagship, the Order of Nakhimov Guards missile cruiser Varyag has carried out a combat training exercise as part of the Primorye all-arms flotilla’s tactical drills ongoing in the Sea of Japan to fire Bazalt cruise missiles against a sea shield simulating a notional enemy’s surface ship,” he said.

Voskresensky said that the cruise missiles fired during the drill had successfully hit their targets, “which was confirmed by live recording equipment and the target’s visual inspection.”


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