I met a Kurdish man, infact he sold me a pie, I told him I was sorry about what had happened to his “Nationality”. Initially he seemed a bit surprised that someone knew quite a bit about their cause, he having spent 27 years in a European capital and all that.


Finally he came out with the following (after a little coaxing from me)

Saudi and Qatar support ISIS financially.

They were trained in Jordan,Turkey and by Iranian Hezbollah?

We agreed ISIS were killing only muslims????

and thta they had a high component of western mercenaries aid and advice from (American) Central Intelligence. (Isreali) Mossad and British (MI6) special forces etc


Turkey had now taken 7 syrian towns…where the language will be guess what?

Thats right Turkish.

Its very unfair that these people have no homeland (like Pakistan) but are scattered

over about 4 countries

Its like Poland in 1940 folks….”everybody wants a piece of the cake” of this shattered country.



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