A new record for the fastest transatlantic flight in a subsonic aircraft has been set after a Norwegian Dreamliner rode a strong jet stream from New York to London.


Flight DY7014 from John F Kennedy International to Gatwick completed the 3,470-mile journey in just five hours and 13 minutes, shaving 30 minutes off the average duration and stealing three minutes off the previous record set by British Airways in January 2015.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by the low-cost carrier on Monday reached a top speed of 776 miles per hour (mph) as it surfed winds of up to 202mph. It left New York at 11.44am local time and arrived in London at 9.57pm GMT. Captain Harold van Dam at the controls said that the flight might have been even shorter had turbulence not slowed the aircraft.


Data from FlightRadar24.com shows the aircraft reaching 649 knots (745 mph) before it enters the oceanic flight stage, for which there is no data.




Norwegian, which operates daily flights between London and New York on its new 787 Dreamliners, allocates six and half hours for the service, meaning passengers on Monday arrived over an hour early.

A Norwegian flight the previous day took just five hours and 20 minutes reaching a top speed of 779mph.



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