Who paid you and how much for the Erdoğan ‘cover’? You are afraid Europe, you will be more afraid!

25 May 2018

French publication Le Point magazine was involved in yet another impertinence aimed at President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by declaring him a “Dictator” on its cover.

I will say it from the beginning: This cover reeks of money. It reeks of a dirty deal. It reeks of the likelihood that a cheap magazine sold its cover to a country this month for who knows how many dollars. My primary guess is: Le Point received money from a country for this cover. From whom, you ask?

Most likely from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Part of the dollars that the UAE, which has also got its hands on Turkish media, which distributes funds and is carrying out an incredible anti-Turkey campaign through U.S. and European media, has allocated for media operations went to Le Point magazine this month.

Islamophobia, Turkophobia, toppling Erdoğan: Now a global project

We will see in the upcoming days which other U.S. and European media were given tenders. There is not long left for the elections; you will see the kind of media attack that will be carried out in the final weeks. They are going to conduct operations through magazines, newspapers, and television channels worldwide. They are going to attack Erdoğan, they are going to try and influence the election and present insane, untrue claims to the public.

Let us put aside the dirty deal of a French magazine and that intellectual prostitution and return to the main topic. Anti-Erdoğan sentiment, the belligerence of some groups in Turkey and Europe toward Erdoğan, Islamophobia as well as the Turkophobia disease, are methods used to make a rising power kneel, to make it give up, to scare it, and to disable it from reaching that power.

You are liars, disrespectful, two-faced and blackmailers

It is common to see such covers on French magazines. Similar topics are discussed in German magazines in the same frequency; absurd, silly, hate-filled publications are made and covers are prepared.

Many headlines such as “Turkey’s axis has shifted, Turkey is breaking away from NATO, Turkey is breaking away from Europe, Turkey is leaning toward Islam, Turkey is shifting toward Asia, Turkey should be intervened in and drawn toward the NATO axis,” and publications along the lines of these headlines, lies, insults, threats, blackmail have become the general character of European politics, European media in the last year.

Every day a French, German, Belgian or Dutch media outlet attacks Turkey. They insult Erdoğan, attack Turkey, undermine our people, curse our values and question our way of life.

Do you still not get it, we don’t care about you anymore!

What is it to you, what the hell is it to you! What is it to you how we live, which direction we take, whom we befriend, how we will run our country, who we will elect or not? Who is the Netherlands, who is Austria, who is Denmark; which of these countries will we consult and take steps accordingly? Not one of them.

Is Germany friend or foe, is France friend or foe, is the U.K. friend or foe? We have had enough of your double standards, your hypocrisy, deceit, arrogant attitude, unreliability, and making promises and not keeping them.

Do you still not understand? This country is not going to take direction, walk a path by taking you as an example, by trusting you, believing in and partnering up with you; it is not going to look at itself through your eyes. Our centuries of political experience, what we experienced in the 19th and 20th centuries, your belligerence toward our region today, your insults at Turkey and Erdoğan – who the people have elected – have taught us a lot. We no longer care about you, do you still not understand?

Europe, you are collapsing! However, your arrogance prevents you from seeing this

It is not only us, the whole world disregards you; you think you are in the 19th and 20th centuries. You have regressed, paused; you are collapsing, dividing and very soon, you are going to be at each other’s throats, do you still not understand? Thus, we do not care about your insults, your piece of mind, and threats – we don’t care and neither does the world.

You are now decrepit Europe, you are worn-out Europe. Take a look at yourself, look at where the world is headed and how you are getting buried in your own cities. You are being buried in your arrogance and you are not even aware of it.

Don’t be shy, say it: You are afraid of us!

If we are evil, since you don’t want Turkey, then why are you crying after us? Why are you making threats, why are you resorting to blackmail, why are you trying to topple Erdoğan and stop Turkey? If it is a country you don’t like, let it go. Let us go on our own way and you can relax too.

But that is not how it is. Do you know what the biggest truth we know is? You are afraid of us. You are afraid of Turkey. You are afraid of Erdoğan. You are afraid of us growing, becoming stronger. You are afraid of us bringing up our historical theories today, and you are afraid of us returning to our region.

The more we grow the smaller you will shrink. It has always been this way

You are not afraid that we will attack you, but you are afraid that we will outrun you. The more we grow the smaller you will get, we know. This is how history has always been. When we grew, you got smaller and helpless. Now, we are growing again. History has turned and a new path has opened up for us. We are shining brightly with the rest of the world and gaining prominence with great speed. But you are in a stagnation period. You are in a period of regress, a period of collapse.

You are setting up a new game daily, and every day those games are blowing up in your faces. You are unable to stop Turkey. You tried a coup. You carried out terrorist attacks. You wanted to break out a civil war, made attacks from the south, massacred civilians, but you could not stop Turkey. You tried every conspiracy, every dirty game. But Turkey grew bigger and did not sacrifice Erdoğan to you, it protected him. It protected history and the geography.

Hey, Europe! You are going to drown in your arrogance

Hey, Europe! You are going to drown in your arrogance. You are going to drown in your disrespect toward other nations. You are going to drown in the enormities you have committed against other countries.

The world loves the person you call a dictator. The whole world is doubtful of what you say is good. Everybody believes that what you deem to be right is wrong and what you say is wrong is right.

History has changed, nations have changed. The world order has changed, but you still think you are going to alter something in the world with those same arrogant, big dreams of yours.

Hey Europe, you are afraid. You are afraid of us, of our nation, of Erdoğan, of the new path Turkey has chosen, of it venturing into big plans and standing out with major claims. The thing that makes you say “Erdoğan is a dictator” is not democracy, it is not freedom or human rights. You would not even care about them. You would only sell them off. What made you like this, Europe, is fear.

You are going grow more afraid, you are one going to be the laughing stock

You are going to be more afraid. Because this country will not pull back again. It will not lose again. It is never going to be trapped in Anatolia again. It is going to strengthen Anatolia in a never-before-seen way to lift the region back on its feet. It is going to do this with a spirit of war.

Don’t forget Europe, there will never be another 20th century. While you lose this century in your dream world, we are rapidly going to shape the new world with the rest of the world. We are going to be one of the rising stars of the new age. You are no longer in a position to threaten, to undermine or mock anybody, Europe.

You need to understand that you are the one that is becoming a laughing stock now.

İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

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