7Woman claims Southwest passenger masturbated during flight

Woman claims Southwest passenger masturbated during flight

A Southwest passenger complained that a jerk sitting next to her pulled out his iPad and masturbated to sex videos during an entire five-hour flight, according to a report.

“I’ve spent this entire flight sitting next to a guy who has his iPad open on the tray table, watching porn, WITHOUT using headphones or anything, and twice now his body has started shaking in the throes of his orgasmic bliss,” the horrified woman tweeted to the airline.

“I’m so disgusted,” she added under the username @shariatPR, which she said refers to her public relations company. A LinkedIn entry lists Elly Shariat as the founder and CEO of the West Hollywood-based company.

Shariat told Fox News that the perv turned on his iPad shortly after takeoff in Las Vegas en route to Philadelphia on Tuesday.

She said she noticed a porno pop up in his browser and thought it was just an embarrassing mistake – but he proceeded to watch “video after video like it was nothing.”

“The first time he was ‘finishing,’ he used his left hand and gripped my right forearm, pinning it down to the arm rest between us,” she told the network.

“It made it clear to me how strong he was, given how forceful his grip was, which is why I felt uncomfortable and reached out to SW [Southwest] on Twitter — hoping they’d ask my seat number and notify someone — because I didn’t know if he’d try to physically do anything else if I went to take a photograph or video, nor did I want to find out.”

Shariat also claimed the man handed his used napkins to a flight attendant for disposal.

Southwest responded to the woman’s tweets, telling her to notify a flight attendant, but she claimed she couldn’t do that without putting herself “at risk.”

“He’s in the window seat. I’m in the middle. And there’s someone dead asleep to my left. I can’t move. Which is why I purchased WiFi to tweet you,” she tweeted.

“FYI as the jerk got off the flight, he waited with me, and as the plane emptied, he looked at me, told me he hoped I enjoyed the show, patted my head, and then left,” she said in another tweet.

A supervisor offered her a voucher for a free dinner, according to Fox News.

Southwest said in another tweet to the woman that “we take these situations seriously, and will be filing a formal complaint on your behalf. Please DM your confirmation number so we can follow up.”

The airline told The Post that it is “deeply disturbed by the behavior” described by Shariat.

“We have contacted her to address her concerns and offer our apologies,” the airline said


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