President says Dems are behind ‘massive child smuggling industry’ in the United States

President Trump has blasted his critics in an epic rant in which he exposed top Democrats for running an international pedophile ring.In response to criticism over his Administration’s handling of illegal immigrants, Donald Trump stated that reports about the mistreatment of children are all part of “a whole big con job.”Elaborating, the president added that high-level Democrats are responsible for running a “massive child smuggling industry” in the United States.Mr. Trump explained that figures in the highest levels of politics are involved in human trafficking and pedophilia, and they’re attempting to divert attention away from their own crimes by manipulating the narrative in the mainstream media.

He added that recent reports, of families being separated by officials while illegally crossing the border, are being used as part of a larger-scale cover-up to distract the public as investigators draw closer to exposing the child sex crimes of the elite.According to the Daily Mail, the president says that ‘traffickers are making a fortune’ and its all thanks to loopholes he says are the fault of Democrats that exist in the immigration system.  ‘It’s a whole big con job,’ the president charged in a Cabinet meeting. ‘They’ve let it happen.’Even before he took office, Trump noted that coyotes were helping floods of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the border. Because of laws requiring the U.S. to release minors from Central America after 20 days, Trump fumed, ‘You might as well save your time. Don’t bother catching them.’Trump said that as a result of the United States’ backward immigration laws, ‘The whole world is laughing at the United States, and they have been for years.

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