Business is complaining in Britain.

‘Fuck business’ says Boris (currently Britain’s top diplomat)

BMW , Volkswagen, Airbus will all shut down!

‘No problem’ says British leaders unswervingly determined to yank Britain out of the Union. The Conservative partly (responsible for the Big Bank up the City and indirectly the great Recession of 2008) wants out…..they created no jobs anyway, preferring to declare war on Britain’s poor and homeless (the casualties of their policies).

Brexit, Polexit, Grexit, No problem they say as the union rips apart.

As long as Harry Kane can nick a couple of Goals against Columbia. send them victorious , happy and Glorious. Rule Brittania-Britons will never be slaves! See it , Report it, Sorted!

short term thinking.

Just like that.

But oh now we have to pay when we go on holiday to Greece! Same for Spain and Portugal! Oh ,oh we never thought of this. An extra £200 on a families holidays.

And what about an (exited ) country’s airspace you might have to pay now to fly over….unless you do what El Al has secretly been doing these past 2 decades taking long dog legs not to fly over arab airspace.

Talking of Israel , England’s zion leaders don’t really care…….

the British people should make do……stiff upper lip ole chum(p).

BMW has said it will be forced to close its production sites in the UK, putting 8,000 jobs at risk” (no problem)


“There is a shared belief among Leavers and Remainers to the effect that when the Brexit cliff-edge comes into view, London and Brussels will hatch a face-saving compromise.

It’s not entirely clear what kind of gleaming alloy can be forged from the fire of claim and counterclaim on either side of the channel, but there should be a way, they think, to cut through the noise and make something solid and lasting that shows neither side is entirely inept.

The Leavers are still convinced that German car companies hold all the aces. It is certainly a popular view inside the Department of International Trade, and even in David Davis’s Brexit department.” (Guardian)

Your about to leave a custom’s union mate! Oh no problem

Pass me another Oxo cube………..


The shape of things to come……

images (45).jpeg




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