The blog known as the BlogFactory has launched a viral magazine. This online magazine covers a range of topics to entertain and enlighten their audience. It is both serious and fun and sure to be an instant hit.

“We wanted to create a magazine that is full of the things that really matter,” explains Chris, from BlogFactory. “For us, it is about analyzing world developments and events, but in a way that shows the lighter side of the world. At the same time, however, we want to be revolutionary and show the world that we don’t have to take everything lying down.”

The blog addresses a number of economic and political developments and shows how the elite unjustly rule the world. It provides its readers with an opportunity to throw proverbial rotten tomatoes at those who think they hold all the cards. The magazine seems to have captured the perfect method of being satirical and cynical, but serious at the same time.

“We want to make sure that people know what is really going on in the world, not just what the media wants us to believe is happening,” adds Dean, from BlogFactory.

“People can subscribe free  and, when they do so, they will be kept up to date with everything we come up with on a daily basis.”

However, it seems that the said viral Magazine is about more than that as well. The authors understand that their own knowledge can only go so far, and they count on the help of their readers to provide them with further information. They can spill the beans on the things they know about the ruling elite and tell the world about their feelings as well.

The magazine looks at important topics such as the anti-vax campaign, that has seen a resurgence of childhood illnesses that were almost eradicated, the danger of the new world order and “Hate Week,” for instance. They also focus on people in the media, such as Rita Ora and other famous people. In doing so, they try to demonstrate that our unhealthy obsession with the lives of celebrities is unfounded, and that these people are human beings, just like everybody else.

The magazine offers a refreshing take on various current issues. They have a public forum and anyone can join , where readers can discuss public and current events, and guide the next bit of information that will be published in the magazine itself. As such, they almost try to be the anti-media. Instead of being an outlet for the public to be “informed” by carefully selected and edited pieces of news, the public gets to decide what they want to know about and this is what will be addressed.

When you join the forum, you can become part of this new community yourself. It is a chance to engage, to learn and to let off some steam. Just what most of us have been waiting for.




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