London is out of control

London stabbings: SIXTH teenager knifed in TWO HOURS. Sadiq Khan torn apart by TV host over FAILURE to tackle crime

A YOUNG mother was killed on a bus main road in Ealing as neighbours say crime inLondon is spiralling out of control. … The woman, named locally as 24-year-old Lilia Djairine, died at the scene soon after 12pm on Wednesday after police and paramedics tried to save her.

London fights back: As a crime wave grips the capital

Conservative party policy and austerity drive was among the reasons for spiralling bloodshed in London.


it’s official London is now more dangerous than New York City

knife attacks in which victims are stabbed multiple times with vicious weapons including machetes are driving up London’s murder rate, police have warned. … Speaking at the London Knife Crime Summit, he said: “The violence is getting greater.”

Nine more people have been injured in stabbings in London as the spate of violent crime in the capital continues.

The Metropolitan Police has launched more than 70 murder investigations in 2018

CCTV released following violent assault – Metropolitan Police

Police have released images of the horrific injuries suffered by a man in an “unprovoked” attack in central London.

Callum Wade, 22, was punched and kicked to the ground by four men, leaving him with fractures to the face and permanent damage in his eye.

He had been with two friends in Charterhouse Street, Islington, when his attackers launched the sustained assault. His friend, a man in his twenties, was also assaulted but not seriously injured.

Mr Wade, from the Maidenhead area, sought help at the nearby Fabric nightclub following the incident at 3am on Saturday 1 April.

Staff provided first aid and called a taxi, which took him to hospital.


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