Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union was one of the most difficult and embarrassing decisions by the UK government since World War ll, a political commentator in London says.

The Brexit vote “landed the whole society, the whole country into trouble, into rough seas without a clear direction,” Saeed Shehabi told Press TV on Friday.

“It seems nobody knows where this huge ship is going, [especially] given that the American president is not really helpful to the British cause,” Shehabi said.

“The Brexit vote was probably the most difficult and embarrassing to the British government and public alike since the Second World War,” he added.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s approval ratings have plunged, according to opinion polls.

British voters are increasingly dissatisfied with Prime Minister Theresa May and her government, and more British voters favor a second referendum on the final terms of any Brexit deal, according to a new opinion poll.

When voters were asked in a YouGov poll whether there should be a referendum on the final terms of any deal over exiting the EU, 42 percent said there should be a fresh vote while 40 percent said there should not. The rest did not know.

A separate poll conducted for the Evening Standard newspaper by Ipsos MORI showed May’s approval ratings had plunged.

Less than one in three voters were satisfied with the job she is doing as prime minister, with an even sharper fall in satisfaction with her among Conservative Party voters.

The poll showed only 30 percent were satisfied with her leadership, down from 35 percent in June.


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