Rob Vince, a clinical team leader with the London Ambulance Service (LAS), got more than he bargained for when he gave birth in the grounds of Northwick Park Hospital.

The simulated birth was part of a learning event between the ambulance service and hospital’s midwifery team so they could get a better understanding of each other’s work.

Sarah Barrow, a clinical tutor with LAS, said: “We’re essentially about speed and transport but are usually first on the scene if a mother has unexpectedly given birth outside hospital. I’ve been called out to women who’ve given birth in everything from baths and car parks to stairwells.”

The event, which coincided with International Day of the Midwife, included a range of training aids and scenarios with midwives being given a spin in an ambulance to see the equipment and space paramedics have to work in.

Consultant midwife June Pembroke Hajjaj added: “We work really closely with LAS, so we wanted to have an event where we could learn together.

“It’s helped us understand that when some of the crews come in, they might have had a rough time, and it’s also given them a better idea of how we work.”




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