The ruling conservatives in the United Kingdom have become clearly aware that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has a high chance of leading the next government in the country, a political analyst says.

“It is now evidently clear to Conservative Party members … and many conservative politicians that Jeremy Corbyn is on the threshold of power,” said Marcus Papadopoulos, a British publisher and editor at the Politics First website.

Senior Conservative Party members who used to ridicule the possibility that Corbyn could become the next British prime minster have now seen him showing his “real leadership skills,” Papadopoulos told Press TV on Thursday.

“Jeremy Corbyn does have what it takes to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom,” he added.

“Mr Corbyn has prevailed … despite ferocious attacks on him from the British mainstream media, from the Conservative Party and even from people within his own party on the right of the Labour.”

Papadopoulos said a main reason for Corbyn’s increasing popularity in Britain is his far-reaching promise for renationalizing the train and utility services.

He said those policies have proved to be very popular with ordinary Britons who cannot afford the “extortionate prices which are charged” for services like trains, water, electricity and gas.

A poll within the Tory finds that around half of the party members think Corbyn will be the next PM.

The expert said part of Corbyn’s popularity is also due to his firm foreign policy stances as many have become convinced that Britain under his leadership would be a pacifist and independent country.

“He has made it very clear that Britain under his premiership will not be invading other countries, will not be bombing other countries and will not be blindly following the United States of America around the world.

“Many Britons are sick and tired of how many military campaigns Britain has been involved in over the last 25 years …  people in Britain are dissatisfied with how Britain follows America whenever America asks Britain to do so,” said Papadopoulos.


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