“I’m absolutely convinced that a number of US elites are plotting subversion against President Trump.”

Another boisterous Russian talk show with plain-talking analysts telling the truth about how the world really works.

How refreshing! The polar opposite of the western media.

Full transcript below:


Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine:

—The formation of a new world order has been launched, and it’s impossible to change or reverse this process. The old centers of power are degrading, while new ones are gaining ground. The current hysteria and Russophobia in the West is the downside of the degradation of the old Western political elites.

Take Great Britain. In the past, it used to be associated with great names: The Victorian empire, Mistress of the seas, Winston Churchill. The armada of British warships awed everybody in the Atlantic. What has it degraded into? Russophobia has translated into British security services searching for Novichok in Salisbury public toilets at Theresa May’s command. What a degradation!

Britain, one of the world’s pillars, a great power, has sunk to public toilets, its policies have sunk to public toilets. Boris Johnson isn’t going to leave his residence after he was dismissed as foreign secretary. He dug in there and is reluctant to move out.

That was the case with some of our MPs who left the parliament, but it was impossible to make them move out of their apartments.

—May and Johnson are joined at the Anglo-Saxon hip. What a joke! What do we have in the USA? Pure McCarthyism is back. The FBI is on the loose. There was our 26-year-old citizen, Marina Butina, who was building a career there, cultivating relations in an attempt to bring together different views. Mr. Zhirinovsky doesn’t like the word, but, excuse me, they’re trumping up an espionage case.

What a degradation! Moreover, Trump is facing a plot. I think the US security services should enhance the president’s security because this anti-Trump hysteria may trigger various incidents. Ms. Parkhalina has noted the pressure that Trump is experiencing now. Why? I’d say there’s only one reason for him being morally beaten, if not destroyed. Trump has proved to be a realist at the Helsinki meeting because we have arguments such as new strategic arms systems which make even anti-Russian Pompeo give good advice to Trump not to face off against Russia, especially in the military and political context; but to improve relations and to seek compromise. This is the background for the pure hysteria. I’m absolutely convinced that a number of US elites are plotting subversion against President Trump.

A similar conspiracy resulted in President Kennedy’s assassination which remains a cold case. Nobody knows how that mechanism worked. Thus, in such conditions, we have to shape new policies. It rests on a realistic relationship with the USA. We don’t need to make friends with it. We need to prevent the world from approaching the red line of WWIII. And our new weapons are the best guarantee for the world against WWIII.

—But we still have to learn to protect it. We have to learn to protect our secrets. Recent arrests and our citizens’ desire to give away hypersonic secrets raise the question if we should demand the extradition of the foreign agents who contacted him. Why not file cases against them and demand their extradition to Russia?

—But this process has also its downside. It’s like that glass: it’s either half-empty or half-full. I, for one, believe that it’s a success of our counterintelligence and FSB Economic Security Service.

Well, indeed, it’s a success.

—They shut down the channel. We’ll never learn the details of this operation, but they actually arrested people. They’ve already given away the secrets. Even if they’ve done it, I’m sure it was misinformation to mislead them like they did…

Then don’t say anything!

—Like they did with Reagan’s “Star Wars” speech. As for China, it really is our strategic partner, not an ally. We pursue different interests, but they coincide for the moment. Beijing was very much nervous about Putin and Trump’s face-to-face discussion, whether they mentioned China or not. We can’t be 100% sure about their conversation, but I’m convinced that Russia is aware of China’s value as a partner in this global political game, and that it will never betray its partner. Our foreign politics will allow us, on the one hand, to develop the relations with the US and, on the other hand, to profit from China’s resources.

Indeed, we have three pillars which we’re well aware of: the Army, the Navy, and the Aerospace Forces. The scheme has never failed.

—What I love about the time we live in is that we have no more delusion that the kind West will help us, that democracy is good and a universal value, that everybody lives to give Russia favors including by the creation of their NGOs here and financing them. We have no more delusions.

This is very good because we understand the true value of today’s politics and today’s Western politicians. Russia is an independent civilization. We don’t impose anything on anybody. But there’s one important thing that makes the rest negotiate with us and be respectful to us. Potential. Potential. A fist. A reasonable and kind fist, and we have it, for which we should be grateful to our military-industrial complex. They blew the trumpet of our failed economy and of us being a gas station. They said we’re wretched and miserable. We’re told that the US defense budget is $700 billion versus ours, which is less than $50 billion. But look at the strategic balance.

What does it mean? It means that our economy is more efficient than the US’s concerning the military-industrial complex. Which is a good thing. We need breakthroughs now, not in 15-20 years.

Some regions are ready to host technological clusters, and they’ve already started to do so. I mean the military-industrial complex. Governor Dyumin of Tula Oblast received an education in the field of the electronic warfare and countering foreign technical intelligence. He’s a general. He used to head special forces.

He has an operational, strategic thinking. He can make the development of the region serve the development of the country. That’s the type of governor we need. We should support such people, invest in Tula Oblast for it to develop its technological cluster based on the military-industrial complex. And, most importantly, we should get rid of low self-esteem.

Let’s take the money from Chubais and give it to Tula Oblast.

—By the way, why not? The leaders of political parties are present. I don’t think they applauded the American senators. We must respect ourselves. We’re a great power. We must make everybody respect us. Tatyana Glebovna, allow me a quick remark. Of course, Europe is important to us. But which Europe do we need? The EU is degrading. I’m sure that new leaders that will take office in Germany, Italy will pursue different policies seeking to isolate the Eurofringes, for example, the extremely Russophobic Baltic states.

Tatyana Parkhalina, President of the RF Association for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation:

—That’s your opinion, but things will turn out to be different.

—New leaders will wait in line to build relations with us. We will determine the global agenda together with China. And if Trump wants to join us, I guess, we’ll let him do it.

—Yes, please.

Oleg Morozov, Federation Council:

—Did anybody force Trump into that meeting in Helsinki, I wonder?

It was his initiative.

—That’s what I’m saying, it was Trump’s initiative. Given that Trump is being bullied by the Democrats, the so-called liberal media that hate him and want to wipe him out; and that Trump understood what it would lead to in terms of propaganda, nevertheless, he powered that meeting. I’d like to expand upon your idea. Indeed, the political elites in the US are divided by the eternal fight in ideology of the city upon a hill which is the most powerful, unique, and can teach everyone how to live; and if you don’t understand, they’ll come to you, like in Iraq, and show you how you must live.

First, we kill one million of the population, then respect us. So, ideology vs. pragmatism. As I can see, Trump increasingly shows this component of political thinking. My optimism stems from the assumption that this fight between ideology and realism will exist forever. Politics is the art of the possible. Is it possible to destroy Russia? Is it possible for them to win the arms race? Is it possible to make us do what they want through sanctions? That’s highly unlikely. Then Trump will apparently be increasingly willing to build a relationship with Russia which is profitable for the US.

World order is always the result of confrontation, fight, etc. To date, chaos prevails over order. Your allusion to books is wonderful, they’re on the floor in a mess. But this becomes minimally profitable for everyone. The idea of profiting from chaos, which is often attributed to the USA, used to work until chaos began to prevail over profit. There were no results. The unipolar world didn’t let the US solve any of the tasks it set for itself. Then, what’s the point? Where’s the success? I think Trump is slowly but steadily realizing this reality. I believe this is the reason for optimism.


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