Gang violence simmering under London’s surface as England’s ethnic multi-cultural youth erupt into wanton violence.Last night 3 shot at in Kingsbury, tonight 2 shot in Rayner’s Lane,where next? Finsbury Park? Woodford? Southall?

London is no longer safe and hasn’t been for some long time. Plenty of people think of leaving London as the crime spirals up……

It’s the Conservative’s fault, with their ‘austerity’. Keen to victimise the poor as their (unregulated) City bankers lose oceans of money, 7 trillion pounds in fact. Then turn and blame that upon England’s poor (who  were innocent).

It’s really bullshit.

They took it out on the poor in a wanton act of class destruction and class warfare.

Fuck them, the British Establishment and Conservative Government!

They got back into power after playing the ‘ Gordon Brown and Labour caused all this’ in a Global recession…..cut to the bone ALL public services, created NO JOBS and their (Upper) classes with their lifestyle intact…we spit upon them !

Now we have a crime wave in the Capital. FULL STOP.

What will they do about it? Probably nothing.

They don’t even engage, just a silence, no dialogue.

What kind of country is it where the Government openly doesn’t give two f**** about the people?





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