A commentator says US President Donald Trump is doing the bidding of the Israeli regime rather than serving American interests.

Max Igan, radio host and political commentator, told Press TV on Sunday that all of Trump’s actions were meant to support Israel.

“He is not working for the United States, he is working for Israel,” and he “does not care about the Palestinians,” Igan said.

“Donald Trump is just putting all [these anti-Palestinian policies] in place to squeeze the Palestinians out altogether and just write them off the books,” he added.

The Trump administration reportedly intends to announce that only around one million Palestinians are eligible for refugee status and will have the right of return to the Israeli-occupied territories, Israel’s Hadashot News reported on Saturday.

(Picture above that which seems mandatory for all US Presidents?)

Donald Trump
 Melania Trump

pay homage to your blackmailers (before they dish the dirt)



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