Police admit they are losing control in England’s Capital City – London.

London is also the largest city in the European Union and is more than twice as large as its nearest rival, Berlin. It is the third largest city in Europe, behind Istanbul (14.8 million) and Moscow (10.3 million), and the 27th most populous metro area in the world, slightly larger than Lima, Peru.

Met Police officers were attacked from behind by members of a “hostile crowd” as they carried out an arrest in a McDonalds in Hackney.

Two policemen were assaulted in Hackney last week while restraining a man at a fast-food restaurant in .

A video, shared online shows two Met Police officers trying to hold down a suspect while surrounded by a “hostile” crowd of onlookers.

As the situation grew tense, a young man wearing a white shirt and a black cap can be seen closing in on the officers to pull them off the suspect. After being told to step back, the video shows the man approaching again to kick the policeman.

The footage cuts off right as the officer on the left brandishes his taser gun towards the young man with the grey shirt. It is unclear whether the boy was hit.

Hackney Police said in a statement two officers had been called to McDonald’s in Mare Street on August 27 after staff had used the panic alarm to report a man fighting with two customers.

The statement read: “The officers were then confronted with a hostile crowd some of whom assaulted the officers.

“Both officers were later treated for injuries, one for an ankle injury and the other for cuts to his face. Neither officer has reported sick.”

A 2017 report from the Police Federation of England and Wales revealed that officers face 2.4million attacks each year.

The report suggested police officers face a minimum 19 attacks per person per year.


London news - Police officers attacked in Hackney

London news: Hackney Police have urged witnessed to come forward after the attack 

Very likely in today’s hate-filled atmosphere.

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