Road rage women’s bust-up halts traffic

TWO female motorists brawl in the middle of a road before one is slammed to the ground in shocking footage.

The pair brought the A5123 in Northampton to a halt as they wrestled. Witnesses said the row broke out after a brunette driver of an Audi accused another motorist of ‘cutting her up’.

‘Let’s go, mum’: The pair take a tumble as a boy looks on

The other woman, a blonde, slammed on the brakes of her Jaguar and leapt out, according to MailOnline. As they grappled, the brunette tumbled to the ground, followed by the blonde.

‘Get in your car’: A bystander intervenes

The dark-haired woman seemed to shout: ‘I’m f****ing late’ before staggering to her car. The Jaguar driver followed her, pointed in her face and the pair began slapping each other.

Floored: The brunette on the ground during the confrontation

A boy pleaded with the fair-haired woman: ‘Mum, please come on, let’s go.’

Drivers in the opposite carriageway sounded their horns and a male bystander shouted: ‘Get back in your car!’ He later said: ‘I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was a bit shocked to be quite honest.’ Police said no one had reported the incident on Tuesday.



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