(according to social media)

It happened at ‘Gare du Nord’ train station in Paris, France. Gare du Nord is the biggest train station in Europe where 500,000 people are traveling every single day.

A ticket controller physically abused a black man who didn’t pay for his ticket. The controller told the police later that he was sick and tired of dealing with Africans and Arabs every single day.

The victim shouted and other Africans and Arabs heard what happened and immediately, also violently reacted to this incident. Please note that almost all Africans living in France are also Muslims.


The police forces were mobilized into the train station but the situation already became out of control. Some masked white French men also participated in this riot who are later identified as Antifa members.

A white French man who was also an Antifa activist even attempted to murder a policeman throwing a large flower vain from the third floor onto the head of a policeman. He was arrested but only received 7 months of imprisonment.

France has the largest Muslim community in Europe. A failed nation comes from failed immigration.

Sadly This is the reality of Europe.

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