Sinn Féin remain open to the suggestion of flying the Union Jack over Leinster House to achieve a united Ireland.

Asked if he could envisage the day when the Union Jack would fly over Leinster House, Pearse Doherty said he doesn’t think it would come to that but that a discussion was needed to accommodate those of a Unionist tradition in a new Ireland.

Sinn Féin deputy Dáil leader Pearse Doherty

Speaking in Irish at his party’s think-in in Cavan, the Sinn Féin deputy Dáil leader said: “We need a conversation about symbolism, for the million people who identify as British and who believe deeply in their identity.

In this new Ireland, it is important that those symbols are part of this new Ireland.

He added: “This is not just a question for Sinn Féin, but other parties in the South should come together to discuss this what kind of united Ireland there will be.”

He also said polls show there is a majority in favour of a united Ireland in the context of Brexit negotiations.

Earlier: Sinn Féin predict ‘inevitable’ United Ireland could cost island 500,000 jobs

Update 9.54am: Thousands of public sector jobs would be lost if there is a United Ireland.

That is according to a draft document from Sinn Féin, which says unity across the island is inevitable.

New details in their ‘Irish Unity – An Activists Guide’ predict that as many as 200,000 jobs in the north and 300,000 in the south would go.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald

However, the document also claims it would lead to a more efficient service under one agency dealing with Government instead of two.

Sinn Féin’s David Cullinane says it is an exciting opportunity for people to debate what kind of society we want.

“I think it’s inevitable that we will have a United Ireland,” he said.

“All of the social changes, demographic changes show that we’re moving in that direction, opinion polls show that we’re moving in that direction, and we have to start planning.

We have to start planning for not just a United Ireland but the type of United Ireland that collectively we want.


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