When money is tight eight-year-old Emma’s parents are forced to send their daughter to school, tummy rumbling, without any breakfast. In the evening, she fills up on plain pasta or reduced microwave meals – cheap food her parents can afford. 

Emma says she often feels too tired to concentrate on her schoolwork. 

The situation Emma lives with is the devastating reality faced by the 500,000 children across the UK who go to school hungry each day.

Eight million people in Britain –  the world’s sixth largest economy – are living in food poverty, according to the United Nations (UN). And an estimated 870,000 children in England may be going to bed hungry each night because their parents are unable to provide the meals they need.


Dr George Grimble, a medical scientist at University College London, said the situation was “disastrous” for developing children, resulting in malnourishment, obesity and squandered potential.

“When people are in poverty they are forced to buy the cheapest foods – filling but nutrient-lacking food,” Dr Grimble told The Independent. “Food poverty in the community overlays to a large extent on disease malnutrition.”


Our Monarch really suffered and took a hit from the bankers, and her (loyal) subjects starved



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