The World Trade Center (WTC) towers did not “collapse” on 9/11/01, they were pulverized (Blown to Kingdom Come before a gravity-driven collapse was even a possibility. Below, we discuss how this was done.

The government maintains that the Twin Towers were each hit by aircraft and the subsequent fires weakened the steel in the upper stories, initiating a gravity-driven “pancake collapse,” as illustrated in Figure 30. There are many problems with this hypothesis. The most obvious problem with it is the near free-fall speed of the destruction of these buildings. A second problem is the paucity of remaining material. Where are the concrete floors? Where is the office furniture? Where is the office machinery? Where are the filing cabinets? Where is the wall board? Where are the bookcases? They were not there, so most of it appears to have turned to dust.

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please visit the site..its explosive (excuse the pun)..the building just disintegrated..that is NOT normal..ok..that happens when you demolish something..and it is called ground zero isnt it?



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