9/11: Decade of Deception

The video evidence speaks for itself.  I want you to look at all the evidence yourself and let me know what you think .   Things will only change when everybody knows they lied about 9/11 and the fake news was involved!   These videos 100% prove the fake news colluded on 9/11 and there were no planes!   You’ll see how all networks had an 8 frame blackout at the exact time the plane went into the building!  Why would competing networks have the same 8 frame blackout on a live shot?  No way they would unless it was FAKE and coordinated at the top!   You’ll see this same 8 blacked out frames on the CNN and the key Fox helicopter shot that destroys the fairy tale in just one frame!


How could this same blackout happen unless they were both getting the real feed direct from the deep state source pulling off the attack!  There was no real reason for this blackout anyway.  It wasn’t like they were broadcasting live from the twin towers and the impact pulled on a power cord!    The blackout was there to hide the lies but they made ONE mistake and that mistake will cost them everything someday.  The only shot needed to prove 9/11 was a completely staged attack was the Fox helicopter shot in the video!  They made several mistakes easily proven by the video.  First, they did a 3 step zoom right before the plane hit!


There was no plane before the zoom in and if you run it backwards you can see there was no plane in the wide angle shot!  Second, they messed up and didn’t black out the scene properly for the helicopter shot!  The helicopter shot shows the plane coming out the other side of the building!  Later when this same shot was run on CNN, they put their banner in the way to hide the nose coming out of the building!   Who would put this HUGE CNN banner at the bottom of the screen to hide the impact of the plane?  It’s RIDICULOUS!  They put the banner up at the point of impact because they had to HIDE the lie!



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