A packed Indian Boeing 737 passenger plane had to abort its climb, turn around and return home after over two dozen people on board suffered nose and ear bleeding as the crew forgot to switch on the pressure control.

The passengers on board Jet Airways flight 9W 967 started bleeding and experiencing headaches shortly after take-off. The people had to use oxygen masks to breathe. The plane, scheduled to travel from Mumbai to Jaipur, promptly turned around and returned to the airport.


The crew apparently did little to help the frightened and injured people, and didn’t explain what was going on, some of the passengers complained.

“Scores of passengers including me bleeding from nose. No staff to help. No announcement on board to wear the oxygen mask,” one person wrote, as he posted photos of himself inside the plane and on the tarmac after the aircraft landed.


According to a passenger on board the plane

Flight 9W 697 made an emergency landing back in Mumbai.

Aircraft lost pressure immediately after taking off…scores of passengers including me bleeding from nose….no staff to help…no announcement on board to wear the oxygen mask.

passenger safety completely ignored




The plane’s crew “forgot to select switch to maintain cabin pressure,” Lalit Gupta, senior official at the Directorate of Civil Aviation, explained.

Jet Airways confirmed that the plane was turned back due to “loss in cabin pressure” and said that all people on board were “deplaned safely” and escorted to the terminal.



Remind me not to fly with them…………………………..




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