Monday Sep 24th 2018
Accident Jeju B738 at Seoul on Dec 24th 2015, loss of cabin pressure and subsequent excess pressure
Incident Asiana A333 near Seoul on Jul 14th 2015, engine shut down in flight
Sunday Sep 23rd 2018
Incident Ibex CRJ7 at Fukuoka on Sep 23rd 2018, hydraulic problem
Incident AirExplore B738 near Wrocslaw on Sep 23rd 2018, fuel system problem
Incident Delta B763 near Tokyo on Sep 23rd 2018, fuel pump failure
Incident Qatar A320 at Peshawar on Sep 20th 2018, smoke in cabin
Saturday Sep 22nd 2018
Incident Lufthansa MD11 near Frankfurt on Sep 22nd 2018, fuel system problems
Friday Sep 21st 2018
Incident Delta MD88 at Richmond on Sep 18th 2018, engine failure
Incident Delta B752 at Atlanta on Sep 5th 2018, uncontained engine failure
Incident Transat A313 over Labrador Sea on Sep 7th 2018, hydraulic leak
Incident Skywest CRJ9 at Salt Lake City and Chicago on Sep 20th 2018, dropped wheel on departure
Incident United B739 at Washington on Sep 17th 2018, rejected takeoff after ATC cleared aircraft to cross the runway
Thursday Sep 20th 2018
Incident Go2Sky B734 at Prague on Sep 18th 2018, navigation problems
Incident Malta A319 at Malta on Sep 20th 2018, rejected takeoff due to “measles”
Incident Delta B763 at New York on Sep 20th 2018, hydraulic failure
Incident Sunwing B738 at Vancouver on Sep 1st 2018, unable to trim via electrical switches
Accident MyCargo B744 at Frankfurt on Sep 16th 2018, dropped part of flaps
Incident Jetstar Japan A320 enroute on Jul 9th 2016, unreliable airspeeds
Report Flydubai B738 at Dubai on Aug 8th 2017, hydraulic failure caused by damaged tyre
Incident Avianca A319 at Galapagos on Sep 7th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Cobham RJ1H near Adelaide on Aug 30th 2018, two engines vibrated
Incident Algerie A332 at Algiers on Sep 16th 2018, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Accident Jet Airways B738 at Mumbai on Sep 20th 2018, sudden change of cabin pressure
Incident Arabia A320 at Sharjah on Sep 18th 2018, intersection line up departed in wrong direction
Wednesday Sep 19th 2018
Accident Lufthansa A346 at Frankfurt on Sep 19th 2018, fumes on board affect passengers and crew
Incident Iberia Express A321 at Madrid on Sep 18th 2018, inflight nesting not recommended
Incident Serbia A319 near Paphos on Sep 19th 2018, cargo smoke indication
Incident Indigo A320 at Mumbai on Sep 19th 2018, burst tyre on departure
Incident Spirit A320 at Myrtle Beach on Sep 17th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Canada A320 near Toronto on Aug 28th 2018, hydraulic leak
Incident Vueling A320 and RAM B738 at Barcelona on Jul 6th 2018, near collision
Crash Global Damojh B732 at Havana on May 18th 2018, lost height shortly after takeoff
Incident Alitalia Cityliner E175 at Rome on Sep 15th 2018, burst both right main tyres on departure
Accident Austral E190 at Buenos Aires on Mar 25th 2018, “abnormal runway contact”
Incident Lufthansa A333 over Atlantic on Mar 12th 2018, first officer incapacitated
Incident Condor B763 over Atlantic on Mar 10th 2018, pilot incapacitated
Incident Germania B737 near Malaga on Mar 3rd 2018, cabin pressure problems
Tuesday Sep 18th 2018
Incident France B772 near Paris on Sep 18th 2018, burning smell on board
Incident United B752 near Denver on Sep 18th 2018, odour on board
Incident Virgin Australia B738 at Christchurch on May 12th 2015, control issues during landing
Monday Sep 17th 2018
Incident Vulkan AN26 near Sardinia on Sep 16th 2018, loss of communicaton prompts intercept
Incident Delta B753 at San Francisco on Sep 16th 2018, rejected takeoff due to engine fire
Incident Saurya CRJ2 at Kathmandu on Sep 17th 2018, bird strike
Sunday Sep 16th 2018
Incident Virgin Atlantic B744 near Gander on Sep 15th 2018, cargo fire detection fault
Incident Wizz A320 near Zagreb on Sep 15th 2018, smoke in cockpit
Incident XL France A332 at Fort de France on Sep 15th 2018, unsafe gear

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