Antiloop were a Swedish electronic music band, formed in Lidingö in 1994 by David Westerlund and Robin Söderman

Antiloop was formed 1994. The name comes both from the animal antelope, which in Swedish is spelled: “Antilop“, and the music element loop.

Robin Staffan Mark Söderman was born on 22 January 1974, he grown up on Lidingö in Stockholm. His father and uncle where musicians and Söderman later became technical interested.

David Olof Westerlund was born on 8 July 1977, he also grown up on Lidingö. He started play synth at an age of four and later played in a big band jazz at youth age.

Söderman later started a band and invited his childhood friend Westerlund, together with some other that he knew. The other members left the band and it was only Westerlund and Söderman left. They two started now play on Nightclubs as disc jockeys, but became tired of what they played there and decided to make their own music

A third member, the dancer Maxim, was also member of the band but he left early.

Antiloop debuted in 1995 with the extended play: N.S.F.M.C (Not Suitable For Mass Consumption). In 1997, they released their debut album LP. Five singles was released from the album, which all peaked at under 45 in the Swedish chart. One year later, they released the remix album: Remixed, including the single: “Believe”. Antiloop released their second and final studio album in 2000, Fastlane People. The song “Catch Me” on the album features the Swedish rapper Timbuktu on vocals, and the songs “Only U” and “Let Your body Free” is in the film Lilja 4-ever by (2002) Lukas Moodysson. In 2002, their released a compilation album. It includes two cds, one with Antiloop most famous songs, and one with remixes by other musicians. Antiloop have also provided remixes for several songs by the Scandinavian group Aqua, including one for the Doctor Jones CD single. They also have released several songs/remixes under the aliases Face and The Buckwheat Rebels.

Antiloop disestablished in 2002, and their website has expired. David Westerlund produces music since 2005 by himself under the name “David West”.



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