“I never want to see a man’s life destroyed based upon fabricated evidence. And make no mistake about it, these three women, all with Democratic party allegiances, are all lying through their collective teeth. I am mindful of the fact that Kavanaugh is a man who has a wife and children and for these loved ones to be exposed to the vile lies of the left is inexcusable.

For the good of the country, I have decided to reconsider my concerns about Kavanaugh’s liberal nature and support his nomination.  I do, however, still have my previously expressed reservations about Kavanaugh’s true commitment to conservative rule of law. But my concerns are outweighed by the fact that I will not permit my country to be governed by terrorists who gain power through illegitimate means. I am hopeful that the Democratic Socialist Party’s tactics blow up in their liberal faces just as it did with me.

Please keep in mind that if I saw even a sliver of evidence that Kavanaugh is a sexual abuser of women, I would have already vilified him for his past conduct. However, the Democratic strategy has backfired on me as I hope it does on millions of Americans.

I don’t generally see the world in a left-right paradigm. However, America is indeed being polarized along these lines. Most disturbingly, there is a pattern of escalating violence on the left that will eventually be responded to, in kind, by the right.

Twelve percent of all people living in the United States  are here illegally and will subsequently vote illegally courtesy of such anti-American revolutionaries such as George Soros who will bus these people from polling place to polling place.

Matt Drudge has predicted the “Blue Wave” is going to win 60 seats in the House of Representatives. North Carolina has just shut down voting investigation of 19 illegals caught voting. A reader provided me with information that the investigation into DMV offices in Democrat districts showed 196,000 illegals cast votes in 2016.

If the George Soros led voter fraud is successful in handing the Democrats the House of Representatives, there will be a violent backlash from the right.

The GOP is afraid of its own shadow. They are afraid to investigate illegal alien voter fraud because of the backlash from the left. And these fears are well-founded. First, we witnessed Sarah Huckabee Sanders being refused service. Now, this leftist harassment has grown to the point where Senator Ted Cruz and his wife had to literally run from the threat of physical danger. Assassinations are next.

The Spectrum of Political Revolution

Rooted in the bowels of political change, there is a progressive schema that most political change follows. First, let’s have no doubt about what is going in this country. We are in the midst of a Bolshevik Revolution where good old fashioned Soviet ie (communist) values are being imposed on conservatives on a progressive scale.  the violent conflict that is coming is inevitable, unless there is divine intervention.

In this paradigm, there are seven stages that a nation goes through on the path to civil war and they are as follows

  1. Political Discourse
  2. Polarizing Disagreement
  3. Harassment of the opposition by one or both sides
  4. Violence
  5. Assassinations
  6. Extreme Civil Unrest
  7. Civil War

With the violence being perpetrated by George Soros organization at various public gatherings and with the recent treatment of Ted Cruz and his wife by the left, we have clearly entered Stage 4, violence. Before one breathes a sigh of relief that we are only at Stage 4, keep in mind that the time between stages on latter part of this paradigm will be short. In fact, Stages 6 and 7 will occur almost simultaneously. One of the wild cards in this paradigm relates to the timing of the implementation of martial law which will exacerbate and escalate the violence.

I believe it is possible that we will witness the fulfillment of all seven stages if Kavanaugh is confirmed and the Republicans hang on to the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate.I n this case, the left will totally abandon all pretense with civility and their true Bolshevik nature will be fully exposed. At this point, American cities will look like Serbia of the 1990’s and Beirut of the 1970’s where nobody is safe.

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