Reactions to the Conservative conference app that allows users access to every attendee’s contact details have been appearing online.

As you can imagine, they make uncomfortable reading for Tories.

For instance:

Evolve Politics@evolvepolitics

Owing to an extraordinary security flaw in the Conservative Party Conference app, Evolve Politics have been able to acquire the personal information – including mobile numbers – of numerous Tory MPs and journalists.

The Conservative Party have just committed a huge GDPR breach.

Evolve Politics@evolvepolitics

We will be reporting the Conservative Party to the Information Commissioners Office in due course.

Fines of up to €20,000,000 can be issued for the most serious GDPR breaches.

This breach is without doubt extremely serious.

Evolve Politics@evolvepolitics

The ICO have responded saying:

“We are aware of an incident involving a Conservative Party conference app and we will be making enquiries with the Conservative Party.”


Evolve Politics@evolvepolitics

“Organisations have a legal duty to keep personal data safe and secure. Under the GDPR they must notify the ICO within 72 hours of becoming aware of a personal data breach, if it could pose a risk to people’s rights and freedoms.”


It seems there is no way out of this one. The data breach has been identified and it has been proven that the information is available to anyone.

So what are we to make of the following announcement by Tory chairman Brandon Lewis?

Brandon Lewis


We’ve have had a technical issue with our Conference App that has been resolved and it is now functioning securely. We are investigating the issue further and apologise for any concern caused.

Fixing the barn door after the horse has bolted?

It bodes ill for Mr Lewis, who had a lot riding on this year’s Tory conference, according to the Evening Standard:

Bath Labour Party@BathLabourParty

a “safe pair of hands.”

It could App en to anyone

Angela Rayner hits the right note here:

Angela Rayner


A “technical issue” 🤔Brandon it was a monumental security disaster, how on earth are the public to have any confidence in the government involving technology when this happens? Get a grip, the conference hasn’t even started yet and the wheels are coming off! 👎

Brandon Lewis


We’ve have had a technical issue with our Conference App that has been resolved and it is now functioning securely. We are investigating the issue further and apologise for any concern caused. #CPC18

That’s extremely relevant when you consider the app malfunction has been…

James O’Brien


Brought to you by the people who believe they can solve the Irish border issue with unspecified ‘technology’.

Adam Bienkov


A major flaw in the Conservative conference app has let users login as MPs, Cabinet ministers and journalists and make all of their contact details public. 

This turned out to be a popular discussion point:

Shehab Khan


The Tory conference app being shockingly bad really fills you with confidence about their plans to use tech to sort out the Irish border problem doesn’t it…

Steve Bullock@GuitarMoog

The same people who say they can register >3million people accurately in <2 yrs without life-destroying errors, process & collect EU customs duties for them, & use technology to prevent a peace-destroying hard border between NI & IE.

And they wonder why nobody believes them?

Piers Beckley@piersb

Everyone at the Conservative Party Conference using their Official App has to change their phone number. Probably their email address too.

MPs, journalists. Everyone.

This is a fuckup on a *monumental* scale. 

And the conference hasn’t even started yet…

Huw Lemmey@huwlemmey

sorry but the thought of every Tory MP in Britain having to get a new phone number on day 1 of the Tory Party conference is deeply, deeply funny to me

Kerry-Anne Mendoza@TheMendozaWoman

2017 Tory Party Conference:

Well, at least we’ve hit rock bottom. We’ll never have a conference go this badly again.

2018 Tory Party Conference:

Hold my beer.


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