Editorial comment 30 September 2018


It had earlier been said ‘that nobody gets into the White house without Illuminati approval’. Most of us social media engineers agreed with that eventually.

Now we have a situation where the current President , is portrayed as ‘draining the swamp’, at war with ‘fake news’ and Hillary Clinton, tweets his country’s foreign policy.

This same President who stands accused of using Russian intervention to help him into the White House.

Do we actually have a self-standing maverick who is de-railing the Plan for the new American century or is something else going on here?


If we back up a bit, rewind the tapes, back to George W. and we accept his admission that he stole the election (electronically),that he had some hand in 911 (whilst reading his pet goat in nursery school)



Can it now be safely assumed that 911 was some kind of masterminded Neo-con coup involving some rather nasty high level Zionist characters, who illegally went to war surrounded by some equally bad high level Jewish Zionist characters who incidentally had a hand in the ‘financial crisis’ (and it’s subsequent joblessness and austerity) , also the invasion and intended toppling of regimes in Iraq, Libya and Syria??



We here that President Trump has sent hundreds of Marines into Langley?


After almost 20 painful and trauma laden years we hear about 50,000 ‘sealed indictments’ , meanwhile a smear campaign goes on with the judge nominated by Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court?


So what goes on here?

Maybe you might tell me……..

Are we at some pivotal point with Kavanaugh? Will the indicted 50,000 come quietly?

It’s unlikely they will voluntarily make their way to court to receive long prison terms or even executions. After all their Crimes are enormous, 911, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan..all the lives shattered, Global economic depression for not a few months but TEN YEARS!!

Some American commentators now float the idea that the American public should support Trump.

Some should the American people tolerate a ‘temporary Martial law’??

Will the 911 perpetrators come quietly……..it would be best for our World if they are arrested before World War 3 breaks out?

This neon-con group have already committed evil atrocities (with the Devil’s encouragement) some of Humanities most appalling crimes.


Nazi’s at Nuremberg…some were hung……


The ‘elite’ know if convicted they like face execution…they are unlikely to come quietly.





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