Democrats have filed ethics complaints over Judge Kavanaugh’s ‘conduct’ during confirmation process Democrats have filed two ethics complaints against Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his “conduct” during the confirmation process for the Supreme Court.Kavanaugh gave emotional testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, as he fought to clear his name of the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him.Judge Kavanaugh was clearly moved by overwhelming nature and impact brought on by the accusations made by Christine Blasey Ford.Now it has emerged that a Democratic group has filed multiple ethics complaints against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, and the person who will decide his fate is liberal Judge Merrick Garland

The complaints were filed in Washington D.C.’s circuit court, and are under the purview of Judge Garland.Garland was President Barack Obama nomination for the Supreme Court but his confirmation blocked by Senate Republicans, who refused to hold hearings or a vote on him. © press Liberal Judge Merrick Garland will decide Judge Kavanaugh fate over the complaints According to the Daily Mail, Kavanaugh is facing battles on multiple fronts: for the accusations of sexual assault against him; questions about his drinking attitudes in high school and college; and for his partisan rhetoric during his Senate testimony in which he accused the Democrats of wanting revenge for his work on Bill Clinton’s impeachment




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