The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) refusal to “take at face value” Israel’s claims that Iran has a secret atomic warehouse proves the impartiality of the agency, says an analyst. 

“What this decision has indicated of course is that the International Atomic Energy Agency does not work for Israel. They made that very plain in their statement that they are not going to inspect any sites from Iran unless it is decided by the United Nations Security Council and the rest of the world,” Scott Bennett, former US army psychological warfare officer told Press TV in an interview on Wednesday.

“But it opens up a very interesting possibility and we all know Iran has nothing to hide. Iran is compliant with the [nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] JCPOA; it is not pursuing nuclear weapons; it is not having world hegemony domination policy. But here is an opportunity for the Iranian leadership to say let’s have the United Nations inspect Israel at the same time they wish to inspect Iran … because they have nuclear weapons; Iran doesn’t,” he added.

During his speech on Thursday at the 73rd annual session of the UN General Assembly in New York, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again took the stage to bring out fresh theatrics against Iran, repeating his threadbare allegations that the country is working to develop nuclear weapons at a “secret” site and urged the IAEA to inspect it.

This is while Iran’s compliance with the deal has been verified in numerous reports by the IAEA, which uses strict mechanisms to monitor the technical aspects of the agreement’s implementation.

The IAEA chief says the agency does not take any information at face value after a recent Israeli claim against Iran

Looking for nonexistent weapons of mass distraction, no doubt.

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