President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls Europe a “center of Nazism” and a “rotting continent” after a number of EU states cancelled his influence-peddling missions there.

“Europe is no longer a center of democracy, human rights and liberty but of repression, violence and Nazism,” Erdogan told a rally in the west-central city of Balikesir.

Last month, the Turkish head of state had similarly compared German authorities to Nazis after Berlin cancelled three Turkish rallies aimed at promoting a “yes” vote in an upcoming referendum on constitutional reforms in Turkey.

Erdogan referred to Europe as a “sick man” – the slur European politicians used to describe the collapsing Ottoman Empire in the 19th century.

He has vowed to review relations with the “fascist and cruel” European Union, amid a growing row with EU countries

We think there are a lot of hidden problems in their banking system”

Mr Erdogan has branded the Netherlands ‘Nazi remnants’


Plans to review European links in A-Z way




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