EUROPEAN Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker appeared to mock Theresa May as he danced on stage ahead of his speech in Brussels, on Monday

Mr Juncker appeared to mimic ‘s Tory Conference dance moves ahead of his speech in Brussels in which the European Commission President claimed some populists in Europe were “stupid”.

The crowd laughed at a dancing Mr Juncker as the music continued to play once the Commission President reached the stage ready to begin his speech to the EU Week of Regions and Cities.


Great Britain’s jazzed up Prime Minister

Mr Juncker then took a swipe at Britain by telling his audience that he preferred to make his speech in French or Luxembourgish, his native tongue, spoken by fewer than half a million people, rather than English.

He said: “English is not the only official language of the EU, and as things are as they are, I will express myself in French and maybe in Luxembourgish.”

Time will tell won’t it……




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