A man accused of stealing $1.2m of wine from a Goldman Sachs financier threw himself from the window of a Manhattan hotel on the afternoon that he was due in court.


Nicolas De-Meyer was due to plead guilty and was facing prison time.


According to the New York Post, De-Meyer’s sister alerted the hotel after receiving text messages from the brother suggesting he would harm himself. But when the security entered his room, DeMeyer was sitting on the window sill naked.

He smiled at them and then jumped out of the window.


De-Meyer had been the personal assistant to David Solomon, a leading executive at the investment bank. He was accused of stealing hundreds of bottles of wine from Solomon between 2014 and 2016.

DeMeyer’s defense lawyer Sabrina Shroff looked upset while speaking on the phone Tuesday when her client failed to show up in court. The judge then cancelled the hearing following a closed-door meeting with Shroff and a prosecutor without saying why or whether the hearing might be rescheduled.

DeMeyer had been released from federal detention after his arrest on a $1 million bond secured by $200,000 in cash and his mother’s home in Findlay, Ohio, where he was staying. He had been scheduled to arrive in New York on Friday, ahead of his expected plea.

His mother, Jane Rettig, did not pick up the phone at her Findlay, Ohio, home on Tuesday.

Asked about his former assistant’s tragic end, David Solomon issued a statement. “Mary and I are deeply saddened to hear that Nicolas took his own life,” he said. “He was close to our family for several years, and we are all heartbroken to hear of his tragic end.”

Bankers can plunder …but you can’t take from them !



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