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Military personnel recall chaotic Friday incident that saw Palestinians approach troops under cover of smoke after blowing hole in border fence

One of the Gazan Palestinians who blew a hole in the security fence and crossed the border into Israel on Friday was killed at point-blank range after approaching a soldier with a knife, the military said early Sunday.

Seven Palestinians were killed in all and at least 252 were injured in intense clashes with Israeli security forces along the Gaza border on Friday afternoon and evening, the Hamas-run health ministry said.


In the most serious incident, in the south of the Strip, the Israel Defense Forces said several Gazans planted a bomb by the fence. After it exploded and blew a hole in the fence, some 20 Palestinians rushed through and ran toward Israeli soldiers stationed in a snipers’ nest.

Most of the Gazans pulled back and returned through the fence into the Strip after the soldiers fired warning shots into the air. However, several continued to move toward the soldiers, who fired at them, according to Sgt. Omer Kaplan, a field intelligence soldier who monitors the border through surveillance cameras.





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