Learn about important “loophole” here …

A dangerous new regulation enacted toward the end of President Obama’s time in office means you have every reason to fear for the safety of your money market fund!

3 Ways this Alarming Regulation Threatens Your Financial Security:

1 Banks can freeze your account and refuse to honor your withdrawal!
2 Banks can let your share price fall – you could lose principal in a financial crisis!
3 Banks can charge you a fee to withdraw your money during a financial crisis!

The cash in your money market fund – including the one in your IRA and 401(k) – is supposed to be rock-solid safe. Not anymore.

Liquidity Fees
Redemption Freezes
Loss of Principal

Does this sound like a secure retirement investment?

No, it does not!

Regain Full Control of Your Life Savings.

Get an Alternative Asset Banks, Brokerages & Mutual Fund Companies Can’t Reach – Based on a “Loophole” Wealthy People Have Used for Years

You need an asset banks and brokerages can’t touch – an alternative asset.

Click here to discover the “loophole” in IRS rules …

What about an investment known for generations as the world’s only genuine, universally accepted safe haven outside of the banking system? It provides the ultimate protection for your dollars, including your IRA and 401(k).



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