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Давор Слободанов Вујачић:
The religion of Westerners is basically, a profit – money! If they can’t make it legally, they will plunder and rob other nations, combining the strength of their weapons, political pressures and economic sanctions, destroying lives of million innocent people, just to seize the new resources. There is no democracy there, but propaganda and the rule of privileged people, secret societies, ‘deep states’, Trilateral commission, Bilderberg Group and Zionists. There are no real human rights in Western countries, but artificial promotion of minorities which are used as a hammer to destroy rights of majority in order to intimidate and control them. There are no laws, diplomacy and negotiation in international affairs but military interventions, terrorism, special and proxy wars, violence, inhumane practices like torture, assassinations, and a lot of lies, lies, lies… You can call this religion any way you like, but as a Christian, I call it satanism… Maybe they don’t really worship the devil, not all of them, but in all that they do, they are definitely satanists. Russia has all the resources this greedy machinery needs, and being a good old traditional country with a lot of religious people, but also socialists, communists and conservatives, Russia presents both danger and target for them. They would have attacked Russia long time ago if there weren’t its nuclear weapons and military strength. That’s why Russia is a hope of humanity, the promise of freedom and liberty for all, and the last obstacle for the total enslavement of mankind. That’s why we stand united for Russia!


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