Special forces servicemen patrol a college in the city of Kerch in the Crimea on October



At 13:48 this afternoon local time an explosion ripped through the cafeteria of the Polytechnic College in Kerch followed by armed terrorists smashing in lecture theater door and spraying the rooms with bullets from assault rifles. The college is only 19 km away from the Kerch Bridge that connects Crimea to the Russian mainland. As of last report the number of dead has reached 13 according to TASS with 50 plus serious wounded by the explosion and gun fire. An explosive devise has been found near the cafeteria where another had gone off earlier thus leading emergency services and the FSB to suggest that this was the result of a dastardly terrorist attack.

From the information provided no suspects have yet been apprehended however local police and the the FSB are hot on their trail trying to determine who it was who undertook the attack, and then of course the next step is to look for connections to domestic or foreign terrorists groups or countries such as the Ukraine or ISIS. As the massacre took place near the Kerch Bridge, the construction of which infuriated the fascist junta in Kiev and their fuhrer Poroshenko, it is my suspicion that either a terrorist cell with connections to the Ukrainian Defense Force, or connected with one of the many neo-Nazi groups who took part in the Maidan rebellion could have been to blame. Should this end up being the case, then a swift and massive response from Russia must take place immediately with no hesitation or pussy footing around. This is a most heinous act of violence against unarmed innocent students who are getting an education to improve their lives and the lives of the people of the Russian Federation.

Should it be the act of a crazed lone gunman then Russia, like many other countries in the world principally the US, need to focus more on mental health issues among the youth. So many young people today are isolated from friends and family for many different reasons. Therefore, loneliness and isolation can sometimes lead to profound depression and other mental issues which can have a severe effect especially on the young whose minds are developing and thus they are sometimes make the right decisions without guidance.

The level of violence and its smooth orchestration would seem to suggest that this was an organized group with perhaps logistical help from outside. According to the College Director Olga Grebennikova, the scene was one of chaos and terror. Invoking images of the 2004 Beslan terrorist attack Director Grebennikova stated, “Five minutes after I left [lobby], some people burst in. They blew up the lobby, all the windows were shattered. They were running around throwing firecrackers. Then, armed with assault rifles, they were running around the second floor, opening doors to the classrooms and killing everyone who came their way… a real terrorist attack! Like in Beslan! I would have been dead by now because they shot dead all my people, children and the staff… I don’t know.” (Sputnik, “Ten People Dead, Up to 50 Injured Following Blast in Kerch”, Russia, 10/17/2018) In an interview with Kerch.Netcarried by RT the Director stated, “There are a lot of bodies, a lot of bodies of children,” she said in the video, which was posted to the news site KerchNet.

Within the 20 minutes that it has taken me to write up this commentary from various news sources the death toll now stands at 18 and critically injured in excess of 80 people. Moreover, the man responsible for the terrorist act has according to the FSB killed himself. According to a student simply known as Aksyonov, “A student of the same educational institution, 22 years old, was in his fourth year.” Aksyonov made this statement on the Rossiya 24. Aksyonov also added “that the young man was a resident of Kerch, and that after the blast he killed himself.” (Rossiya 24, 10/17/2018) As the College Director Olga Grebennikova described several assalents then one must assume that there are others, and as the chaos subsides and more information comes in it is likely that a more clear picture will emerge from this horrible tragedy.

The Kremlin has yet to make an official declaration regarding this horrible even except that they are providing aid and comfort to the injured and the bereaved, and that providing all forms of assistance to the local authorities in their investigation of this tragedy. It is appropriate to finish this commentary by saying, let us all heed the words of President Putin and pray for the victims of this most dastardly act of terror, and also to pray for those injured and affected by what has just taken place. May all of us following the President’s request follow the three days of mourning for these innocent victims of terror. May their souls and bereaved rest in God’s heart today and always.




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