Scott Cushnie, a celebrated pianist who played with Aerosmith and Ronnie Hawkins, is believed to have died and buried as someone else.


Eighty-year-old Cushnie went missing in August, around the same time another family was trying to find a missing relative.

That family was subsequently contacted by the police regarding an elderly man who had died in hospital, after he was spotted by an ambulance falling and injuring himself while out walking.

He was later identified as their missing relative and a funeral was held.



Friends and family of Cushnie have been frantically searching for him for weeks!

But the man they believed they had buried reappeared alive and well.

The reported incident now appears to be a tragic case of mistaken identity with the possibility of Cushnie being buried under another name while his friends and family frantically searched for him for weeks.

Mr Cushnie’s long-time friend Andrea Reid, who was leading the search for the musician, told the BBC: “In a lot of ways this was actually a big relief, because I wasn’t under the impression that he was alive any more and my fears about what could have happened to him were running rampant.

“To know that an ambulance was right there when he had his accident, and he was given immediate care, and he’s been cared for this whole time, was actually a really nice comfort,” she added.

The coroner’s office says the body will be exhumed so a full identification can be carried out.

Cushnie played keyboards on several of Aerosmith’s albums. Credit: Facebook / Professor Piano’s Lessons In Blues

Cushnie was well known in Toronto’s music community, playing with dozens of bands and ensembles.

Born legally blind, he played piano professionally in blues and rock bands since the 1950s.

He played keyboards on several of Aerosmith’s albums, including two tracks on their massive breakout record Toys in the Attic in 1975.

Mr Cushnie leaves behind two sisters and several nieces and nephews.



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