Barrick Gold, caught scrambling for loot amid the corpses in
Zaire, is a corporate front for the George Bush-allied covert
political apparatus. The Canada-based Barrick is Bush’s only
known current business enterprise. The company, which
Bush now personally leads, was created by Bush’s political
partners-British elite narcotics financiers, and arms traffickers
and money launderers.
Using the influence of this political faction, Barrick acquired
important interests, first in the United States, then in
Canada and South America. In South America, as Barrick
boasts in its 1995 annual report, the company has an aggressive,
long-term approach, with mines and projects established
in strategic locations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and
Brazil. “Almost two-thirds of the exploration and development
drilling budget will be spent in South America, where
the company has decided to focus its efforts,” the annual
report states. In addition, with its intended conquests in Indonesia
and Africa, the firm now says it aims to move from third
to first among the world’s largest gold mining companies.
We present here the results of EIR’s investigation of the
Bush company, centering on the following principal figures:
George Herbert Walker Bush, whose father was a partner
in the powerful London-controlled private banking firm
Brown Brothers Harriman. Relevant to the Barrick story,
Bush was U.S. vice president and chief of covert operations
in the Reagan-Bush (1981-89) administration, and U.S. President
(1989-93). As a former President and power broker, Bush
is Barrick Gold Corp.’ s chief lobbyist, a stockholder in Barrick,
and honorary senior adviser to Barrick’s international
advisory board.
Adnan Khashoggi, a Bush-allied Saudi billionaire and
arms trafficker, founder of the Barrick Gold Corp.; famous
for his illegal weapons sales to Iran.
Peter Munk, a business failure who became a protege of
the British royal family, and Khashoggi’s partner. Munk is
chairman of Barrick Gold Corp.
Brian Mulroney, Canadian prime minister (1984-93)
and George Bush’s errand boy; Barrick Gold lobbyist and
director, Bush’s lieutenant on the Barrick international advisory
Barrick Gold was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 1983
The majority investment in the firm was held by Khashoggi
and his arms-trafficking partners, who were just then gearing
up the Iran-Israel-Nicaragua guns and cocaine tangle which
would explode in 1986 as the “Iran-Contra” scandal.
The nominal chief of Barrick Gold was Peter Munk, a
Hungarian Jewish immigrant who had repeatedly “died” as a
Peter Munk and
London’s hit squad
Barrick Gold Chairman Peter Munk has floated to a
high place in the British Empire’s political-financial apparatus.
Munk is chairman of Trizec, a huge real estate conglomerate
which was taken over in virtual bankruptcy,
and which holds a large part of Barrick’s stock. Trizec
had been the property of Munk’s close friends, the
Bronfmans, as front men for British intelligence and
“Dope, Inc.” London bankers around the Eagle Star
Insurance Company.
Munk and Barrick director Andrew Sarlos are very
close associates of international speculator George
Soros, in a grouping of Hungarian Jewish emigres. A
personal investment director for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth,
Soros is the world’s leading promoter of the legitimization
of criminal enterprises, particularly narcotics.
Munk is also a director of the Hollinger Corporation,
the reactionary global newspaper conglomerate
organized by British intelligence and “Special Operations
Executive” Crown representatives. Hollinger
Chairman Conrad Black was the primary sponsor of
Brian Mulroney’s career. Munk has said that he created
the Barrick international advisory board on the model
of the Hollinger Corp.’ s advisory board, which features
such close Bush allies as Margaret Thatcher, Henry
Kissinger, and the Bronfmans.
Barrick’s gold mines in Zaire



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