Depressed and anxious Londoners say they are medicating themselves to sleep – and almost two in five (37%) say they have had to see their doctor about the problem.

Almost two thirds (64%) of Londoners say they have used medication or alcohol to get to sleep.

Twelve per cent of those surveyed said they had taken antidepressants and fifteen per cent said they had taken anxiety medication just to get to sleep, according to a survey for Gravity Blankets by Atomik Research.

A further seven per cent say they have taken narcotics such as codeine, morphine or other opiate painkillers to get to sleep while fourteen per cent have taken sleeping tablets.

Four out of five (81%) adults in London say their worries keep them up at night, tossing and turning over their health, family and money.


Almost two fifths (37%) of Londoners surveyed said they had been to the doctor about their sleep problems.

The research showed that anxiety and depression play a major part in Londoners’ inability to get some shut-eye.

Over half (51%) of Londoners surveyed said they suffered from anxiety and 26% said they had suffered from depression.

Two in five (41%) described themselves as ‘TATT’ – or Tired All The Time.

Over a third (36%) of Londoners say they struggle to get to sleep at least three nights a week, with some of the biggest factors being unable to switch off, restlessness and thinking over to-do lists.



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