Sources say the minister for Work and Pensions was “aggressive towards PM” as she argued against deal.

Esther McVey was reportedly “in tears” after being “shouted” at during the crunch Brexit cabinet meeting on Wednesday night.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions of the United Kingdom since 2018

The UK finally agreed a draft Brexit deal with the EU last night – 874 days after the vote to Leave.

Theresa May announced the Cabinet has agreed her Brexit deal following a marathon five-hour summit – but it wasn’t without some tense moments.

Following the lengthy discussions, May said in a statement outside No10 that a “collective decision of Cabinet” was taken to back the deal – adding it “was the best that could be negotiated”.

McVey, a Brexiteer, is said to have demanded a vote at the Cabinet table – which was refused until she was reportedly “shouted down” by top civil servant Mark Sedwill and chief whip Julian Smith.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Esther McVey, has resigned her post at Her Majesty’s Government in protest at Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Records reveal that Ms McVey has consistently voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices, and against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability. 

She has also voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms, and for making local councils responsible for helping those in financial need afford their council tax and reducing the amount spent on such support.

The records published onTheyWorkForYou also show Ms McVey has almost always voted against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed, and consistently voted against LGBT rights.

Responding to her appointment to the role, Shadow minister for the DWP Debbie Abrahams told The Independent: “The DWP has a huge impact on millions of lives. It needs compassionate and empathetic leadership.”

From Liverpool wasn’t even in the job a year!


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