Prime Minister finally emerged to give her verdict on a five-hour Cabinet meeting. But Tories are already accusing her of betrayal – and threatening to topple her

MARGARET THATCHER (oops sorry) Theresa May tonight announced the Cabinet has AGREED her Brexit deal in a marathon five-hour summit – but she already faces new threats to topple her.

The Prime Minister branded the decision a “decisive step” adding: “I firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision in the best interests of our entire United Kingdom.”

But as it emerged 11 ministers opposed the deal Mrs May unveiled a threat – that MPs must choose her Brexit, a no deal Brexit, or no Brexit at all.

To screams of “STOP BREXIT” by protesters outside the Downing Street gates, Mrs May admitted the meeting involved “long, detailed and impassioned debate”.

“The choices before us were difficult,” she added, especially on the Northern Ireland border, and there would be “difficult days ahead” with “intense scrutiny” on the deal.

As the 585-page document was published in full tonight, she said a “collective decision of Cabinet” was taken to back it – adding it “was the best that could be negotiated”.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier declared talks had reached a “crucial stage” after an “extraordinary” process.


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