My flag doesn’t fly the same as yours!

EUROPEAN Council President Donald Tusk has summoned European Union leaders for a special Brexit summit on Sunday November 25 to sign off on Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc after Theresa May convinced Cabinet of the plans.

Mr Tusk told reporters he will now start planning for the summit after meeting with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, who finally told Brussels’ most senior official “decisive progress” has been made in the negotiations. He explained that the process requires EU ambassadors and ministers to meet to discuss the withdrawal agreement. Mr Tusk said their meetings would likely draw to a close and if “nothing extraordinary” happens a summit will be called for November 25.

UK is the second largest economy in the Union (after Germany)

Mr Tusk told reporters: “If nothing extraordinary happens, we will hold a European Council meeting to finalise and formalise the Brexit agreement.

“It will take place on Sunday November 25, 9.30am.”

He added: “I took good note of Prime Minister May’s statement.

“Of course, I don’t share the Prime Minister’s enthusiasm about Brexit as such.”

He added: “Given these extremely difficult circumstances I would like to thanks Michel Barnier and his team.

Auf wiedersehen!


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