Passenger claims carrier lied and told ultra-Orthodox they would be let off in New York before taking off; airline says it is filing complaints against passengers who used violence

Israel’s national airline said it would file complaints against at least one Shabbat-observant passenger who was abusive toward the crew on a flight from New York Friday, even as some pushed back against claims of violence by ultra-Orthodox passengers.

Passengers on two Israel-bound El Al planes which took off late because of weather-related delays in New York had reportedly caused an uproar over fears they would not land until after the beginning of Shabbat, when observant Jews are prohibited from traveling.

Haredi crowd aisle after refusing to sit next to women on flight

The ruckus forced one plane, which took off late from JFK, to make an unscheduled stop in Athens. The second plane was also considering diverting, to Rome, but in the end continued its flight to Ben Gurion Airport as scheduled, because of a medical condition affecting one passenger.


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