any negotiation process all participants need to be conscious of an inherent risk, namely, that their own participation creates a sense of ownership and attachment. 

The long hours, the focus on one new draft after another can cloud the original objective.  The desire to produce the right deal can be superseded by the perceived need to produce a deal. 

This is why all negotiations need measures to prevent this, a check mechanism and preferably multiple ones.  With the current UK-EU negotiations, there are two identifiable check mechanisms or lines of defence to concluding an unwise agreement – Cabinet and Parliament.

revolutionary nihilist answer to the EU’s Brexit ultimatum is surely to bring the European temple crashing down on everybody’s heads, by means of a no-deal economic shock. Tabula Rasa would be one way out of the constitutional impasse, for those with steel nerves.

Some sovereignty Brexiteers might calculate that mutual assured recession would expose the hubris of Europe’s leaders and precipitate an internal political bloodbath in a string of countries, allowing for some sort of post-trauma settlement once the dust clears.


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